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Empowering Alaska to serve Child Victims of Abuse

Alaska Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-478-4444

Office Of Children’s Services

Anchorage 1-800-478-4444
Southcentral 1-855-352-8934
Northern Alaska 1-800-353-2650
Southeast 1-888-622-1650
Western Region 1-800-557-3141

DETAILS You Don't Need Them All.

DISCLOSURE You Don't Need To Have Heard One.

REPORT You Can Help a Child By Reporting.

ANONYMOUS Unless a Mandated Reporter.

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Child-friendly environment

Specially trained Interviewers

Support and advocacy for non-offending caregivers

Non-Invasive physical exam

Referrals to services so the healing can begin

A multidisciplinary response improves outcomes for child victims & their families

Welcome to Child Advocacy Centers in Alaska

Help Victims Become Survivors

Stand Up Step Forward

2018 Changing Futures

Conference Handouts

Allie Phillips
Anchorage Nov 2018
Detecting and Reporting Animal Abuse Resources
Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Abuse
TASK Manual
Therapy Animals ACA 2018
Understanding the Link Between Violence to Animals and People
Reporting Animal Abuse Nov 2018

Barbara Knox
Medical Neglect in Childhood
Sex Trafficking of Children
Skin Injuries: When to be Worried
Thoracoabdominal Trauma in Child Maltreatment

Cathy Baldwin Johnson
Has This Child Been Sexually Abused
Medical Provider Role in Court

Christopher Greeley
Demystifying Medical Literature
Science Vs. Law
Social Disparities Child Health

Cory Jewell Jensen
ATSA Forum Article 2000
Protecting Your Children 2017

Elspeth Bell
Childhood OCD
Children and Hoarding
Hoarding Fact Sheet
Hoarding Screening Tool
OCD Hoarding and Perfectionism Resources
Perfectionism in Children
Tip Sheet for Hoarding

Erin Terry
Psychosocial Impact of Trauma

Jane Straub
Bullying, Harrassment, Relationship Agressions
The Children Are Not Okay: Impact of DV

Jared Parrish
What the Data Tells Us & Why it Matters

Jimmy Widdifield
PSB Fact Sheet CACs
PSB Fact Sheet Caregivers
PSB Fact Sheet Overview
Children with PSB
PSB Resource Handout

Linda Chamberlain
English Capacitar Emergency Kit
Fingerhold Practice for Managing Emotions Stress
HRV Overview 20170810
Practices of Hope EFT
Practices of Hope Switching
Quick Coherence Technique
Tapping Charts for Children

Linda Cordisco Steele
Challenges in Interviewing the Youngest Children Presentation
Do Forensic Interview Protocols Work Preschoolers
Preschool Development
Preschool Interview Structure NCAC
Questioning Children Graph

Lori Frasier
Response to Sandusky

Nina Corbett
Utilizing Your Knowledge of HT and TIC

Paschal & Slaven
Abusive Minds Think Alike Presentation
Abusive Minds Think Alike Handout
But I Love Him
Changing Futures NCA Brief
Combined But I Love Him Presentation
I Take It Back Presentation
I Take It Back: When A Child Recants

Shanna Parker
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Fact Sheet

Tommy Ghost Dog
Viewer Care Plan