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Developing a Child Abuse Prevention Media Campaign Rural Alaska

A public awareness media campaign is a big project! To be effective, it is important to have a sustained effort over several months, to include a variety of special “guests” to increase the credibility of the messages, and to use a variety of approaches so a greater number of people are reached. One-on-one conversations may be necessary with elders, government leaders, school administrators and community programs to “plant the seed” and get commitments before undertaking the planning process described at the beginning of this document.

Multi-generational, multi-cultural participation in the planning process will also help to assure that a wider range of people are impacted by the efforts. Most importantly, when one avenue or approach seems ineffective or inadequate – don’t give up – try another angle, create a new image or slogan, or find different people to join and give new energy to your efforts!

Anything that you do to change the thinking of JUST ONE PERSON is worth the energy you spend. If you can increase the number of people who will be more attentive to the needs of children and more caring and supportive to abused children in your community you will have started the process of change!

– Diane Payne, Director, Justice for Native Children Project

1. Start with informed helpers!
2. Identify 2-3 topic areas for educational efforts.
3. Develop themes or slogans for each topic area
4. Plan several activities over a 12- 18 month period

A. Student Poster contest
B. Community Education Events
C. Targeted Media Blitz
D. Targeted Events
1. Tribal Leaders Gathering
2. Elders & Youth Discussion Group
3. Youth Activity – theater, video or music video

Download (PDF)

Developing a Child Abuse Prevention Media Campaign Rural Alaska

Attachments to Awareness Steps (PDF)

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